Everything that is in the feature of Windows 11

Everything that is in the feature of Windows 11

The world-famous popular software company Microsoft. A few days ago, they made a post on Twitter about Windows 11 for the purpose of viewers. Added at the end of the post, keep an eye on June 24th. Today is June 24. They kept their word. Microsoft has officially announced Windows 11 with its eye-catching feature.

Everything that is in the feature of Windows 11

Windows 11 has changed almost everything, including rounded corners, new widgets, and multi-tasking.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the icons of the Start button of Windows 11 will be in the middle of the bid field. Windows 10, 7, and 8’s Start button but Bidifield was on the left. However, in the case of Windows 11, there are no restrictions. The Start button is in the middle by default, but you can move it left or right as you wish.

Everything that is in the feature of Windows 11

Microsoft is saying that Windows 11 is centered around you. That is, Windows 11 is centered around you. Maybe that’s why they put the Start buttons in the middle. As well as the windows have been given a blur effect. That’s why it looks almost like a Mac. I like it very much.

The start menu has been completely redesigned. Now clicking on the Start menu will display each software as an icon.

In addition to this, an option called Snap Layout has been added to the windows which will give a great look when used in multi-tasking.

The feature of Windows 11The Snap layout feature, however, is not very useful for ordinary computer users. However, it will be very useful for those who use multi-tasking.

Another new feature is the widget. This is a very nice feature. In which weather messages, various news can be found. It seemed very useful.

Another new feature in Windows 11 is that Microsoft Team will be installed. Microsoft Team is software like Zoom or Google Meet. With which you can make video calls, video conferencing, or chatting.

The big feature of Windows 11 is that Android apps will naturally run on Windows 11.

feature of Windows 11Although there are many different comments about it. Many experts say that Android apps cannot be installed directly from the Microsoft Store. Need to install from Amazon Store. However, Microsoft has not yet given a clear idea about this.

Apart from these, there has been a slight boost in the performance of Windows 11. There is also an improvement in the graphics of the game. It was not tried personally. However, Microsoft has stated this.

Just as Windows 7, Windows 8, and 10 users were able to get the update for free, Windows 11 users will get the update for free.

Those who have already purchased a Windows 10 license key will be able to switch to Windows 11 for free.

In the case of running the Windows 11 system

64-bit CPU (64 Bit Processor),
64 GB storage (64 GB Disk space) etc.

Opinions and some important things

Windows 11 is based on Windows 10. Many people think that Windows 11 will change a lot. But what I think is that since Windows 11 is based on Windows 10, I won’t get any major changes.

However, it is true that the features of Windows 11 are much more developed than Windows 10. The look will be quite beautiful. Many people already know that the ISO file of Windows 11 may be available on the Internet. Many are also using it.

However, Windows 11 has not been officially published by Microsoft yet. However, Microsoft said that Windows 11 will be officially published by the end of this year.