What is Backlinks? Places of importance in SEO

What is Backlinks in Website? Places of importance in SEO

SEO is really about backlinks all around. What is Backlink in Website? How important are backlinks for website ranking and how do backlinks work in SEO? Newcomers have many questions and confusion about this. So today’s discussion is about the important issues of backlinks.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are also known as “link building”. It plays a very important role in website SEO. Backlinks are about making friends with one website to another. That is, to appreciate each other’s qualities. For example: Suppose you have a friend. You especially admired your friend in your own community, as well as in your friend’s community. This will create a quality between your two friends and will create loyalty and love for you among the common people. As a result, both your friends will easily find a place in people’s hearts and both friends will move forward in social respect. This is how backlinks work for a website.

What is Backlinks? Places of importance in SEOBacklinks are a part of backlinks “link building”. Link building is a combination of many backlinks. The more backlinks that can be generated for a website, the stronger the foundation or vita of that website. And the higher the value of that website in the rankings. Every search engine takes link building or backlinks very seriously. So there is an obligation to create backlinks to rank any type of website.

There are two types of backlinks

Two types of links are used through backlinks. Internal link and external link internal. These two types of links are very powerful.

(1) Internal Link | What is an internal link?

When you link another page or post with a page or post inside the website, it will be considered an internal link. This is called an inbound link. Inbound links are very important in ranking a webpage in search engines. Through internal links or inbound links, the link juice can be passed correctly from one page to another page of the website or from one post to another. This type of link is usually a Dofollow Link.

External links | What is External Link?

When you link to another page with a page or post inside your website, it will be considered an external link. It is also called Outbound Link. These types of links are usually Nofollow Links. However, many times Dofollow Link is also. Now many people will ask what are Dofollow Link and Nofollow Link?

There are two types of links depending on the structure
There are two types of links in the structure: Dofollow Link and Nofollow Link. Usually, these two links work the same. However, there are some differences between the two links. These differences do not work for ordinary users. Dofollow Link and Nofollow Link are identified by the STT attribute to mean the search engine bot.

Dofollow Link – The type of link that search engines follow. This means that a link is being given from one website to another by catching or counting search engines.

code example | The dofollow link code is like that

<ahref = “https://www.itnitman.com/url_address”> Example </a>

Nofollow Link – This is the type of link that tells search engines through the HTML attribute that this link does not follow. Even after giving a link from one website to another, the search engines are told differently, you do not count this link. That is, do not use this link for ranking.

code example | The nofollow link code is like that

<a href=”https://www.itnitman.com/url_address” rel=”nofollow”>Example</a>

Now many will ask, then why not build a Nofollow Link for our website? Of course, you do. Why not? Nofollow Link will not work for your site ranking though. Yet these links are needed for a website. You will get Unlimited Visitors through these links. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

All the links we get from different social media are Nofollow Links. Is that why I will not share the link of our website on social media? Definitely need to share. Because from there we get visitors. Although the juice will not come directly, it will increase the value of our website.

Some important things:

The use of internal links and external links is very important for SEO of any type of website. You also need to use Dofollow Link and Nofollow Link.

Many people say build Dofollow Link on the website for SEO and do not build Nofollow Link. This is not correct at all. Search engines have always preferred natural link building. So for website SEO, link building has to be done in a way that seems natural to search engines. Spamming cannot be done while doing link building. However, the disadvantage will be heavier than the benefit.

Backlinks are the name of the link you get from any website or domain. Too many links together are called link building. Link building or backlinks can be generated in many ways. This will be discussed later InshaAllah.

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