What is SEO? How many types of SEO

What is SEO? How many types of SEO are in the language of search engines?

Those who are familiar with the Internet must have heard the name of SEO in some way. SEO is a very important part of digital marketing. This content is designed for those who know nothing about SEO. Today we will know what is SEO? How many types of SEO and what are they?

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. The main purpose of SEO is to rank a webpage. In other words, SEO is a way to easily find any information stored in search engines. When we type a keyword and search on Google, we see the information based on that keyword.

SEO is basically a rule made by search engines. If they follow that rule, they will display your webpage in the search query results of their search engine.

I think I did a Google search: Best iPhone Mobile 2021. Here “Best iPhone Mobile 2021” is a keyword. The results that Google shows after typing this keyword are displayed based on SEO. It is also called organic search in the language of search engines.

Web pages are ranked through search engine optimization. As a result, optimized pages from billions of web pages move to the top of search results. It is a technical strategy. Many people may be guessing that one of the topics related to search engine optimization is called SEO.

The SEO industry is huge. Billions upon billions of dollars are spent on SEO every year. According to a 2017 report, the global SEO budget for 2016 was 75 billion! The budget for 2021 will be more. For those of you who still don’t understand, just remember that the whole point of SEO is related to search engine optimization.

What is a search engine?

Search engines are a huge source of information. Where all website information is aggregated. Doing so makes it easier for the general public to find any information.

List of some popular search engines:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yandex
  • CC Search
  • Go post
  • Swissco
  • OneSearch
  • Start page
  • Ekoru

There are many more such search engines. People who save information from different websites in their own database display it in search engines. However, every search engine works based on SEO. The world’s largest search engine is Google, then Bing.

How many types of SEO?

Many people work in the SEO industry. However, many people do not have a clear idea about the types of SEO. And usually, no one wants to give these ideas. This is why many times the whole trouble of SEO fails due to various mistakes. So everyone needs to know about the types of SEO.

There are generally three types of SEO in search engine language or katana.

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Gray Hat SEO
  3. Black Hat SEO

The simple definition of each type and its review is given below.

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO means following the “rules”. The SEO that is done by following the search engine guidelines using your ethical strategy is called ‘White Hat SEO’.

White hat SEO is the safest and long-term SEO. However, if you do website SEO following the guidelines of White Hat SEO, it takes a little time to get rank in search engines. However, it is true that the pages followed by White Hat SEO are always strong in the performance of search results and gradually improve. It is consistent with the principles of all search engines and is legitimate SEO in the language of search engines.

White hat SEO has the highest value in the SEO industry. It is beyond the common sense of the man. No illegal methods are used in this SEO. The web pages of those who do white hat SEO are naturally viral, get rank in search engines and get long-term organic visitors.

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray hat SEO means a combination of ‘legal illegal topics. By doing this SEO, the web page can be quickly ranked in the search results page of the search engine. However, this SEO is not validated by search engines. If search engines ever understand, they can at any time drop the rank of pages banked in this type of SEO.

For those who do this type of SEO, their web page ranking does not last long. However, there are many, the search engine has survived in the market for a long time. However, I discourage everyone from doing this kind of SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO means taking an ‘illegal’ approach. This SEO is not validated by any search engine. Black hat SEO is by no means a long-term plan to survive in the market. This type of SEO is sure to get caught up in search engines. However, with this type of SEO, web pages can be ranked very quickly. Since no search engine gives legitimacy to Black Hat SEO, this type of SEO is not right at all.

Some important things:

Those who have a long-term survival plan in the SEO industry should not forget to work against the principles of search engines. Focus on ‘White Hat SEO’ to move the website forward and fulfill the recommended SEO topics.

Those who follow the right path do not have much risk in anything. Since there is a policy set by search engines for SEO, always try to follow their policy. Only then will your desired goal be gradually met and you will have the opportunity to work in the SEO industry for a long time.

I hope, what is SEO? Got a clear idea of ​​how many types of SEO this is. If you have any questions about this, please let me know in the comments. Let us know if you have any comments on this topic. Thanks

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